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“Teaching Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts” in India

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Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin a Shining Pearl

The centenary year celebration of Saint Maria Bertilla was a hearts vibrating and spirit filled moments of heavenly blessings for all of us. A long-awaited celebration of centenary year of Saint Maria Bertilla's birth in heaven was held on 20th October 2022 in the province house Aluva, at Keezhumadu.

The 100th Death anniversary of Saint Maria Bertilla came to an end with an offering of holy mass and inauguration of a new house. The curia Bishop Mar Sebastian Vaniyapurakal was the chief celebrant of the holy mass. His Holiness while recalling the sanctity of St Maria Bertilla’s life he summarized in one word is that who found the treasures of holiness in the ordinary things. She could practice sacrifice and patience from her father who was a drunkard. The first and the final word of St Maria Bertilla was that “Do everything for Jesus other than that everything is nothing nothing.” His Holiness requested the faithful to follow her way of cart (Less travelled road). After the homily sister Anjitha Renewed her vows for one more year.

After the holy mass His Excellency, priest religious and faithful moved to the blessings of knew Grotto dedicated to Saint Maria Bertilla followed by the inauguration of a new house which is also devoted to her name.

We had one near year preparation for the centenary year celebration of Saint Maria Bertilla, such as family prayer, family gatherings, community ways of competitions, display of the life of Saint Mary Bertilla in the Province house Aluva and village ministry etc.


Here is the history of the Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, in India. It was a courageous and confident step taken by our Mother General Rev. Sr. Gianna Rosa Sterbini, to start a new mission in India on 15th January, 1983.

Life and Origin

John Antony Farina was born at Gambellara (Vicenza Province) on 11th January 1803 to Peter Farina and Francesca Bellame. He received his early training from his paternal uncle, a holy priest who was for him a true master of the spirit and a tutor as well.

Charism and Spirituality

The Charism of the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, the gift of the Holy Spirit to the prophetic intuition of St. John Antony Farina. “Incarnate the tender love of the Heart of Jesus and Mary in education, in corporal work of mercy especially on behalf of the most needy”.Read More...

To the Heart of Jesus...

We are convinced that at the time of our consecration to the love of the Sacred Hearts, the prophetic vision of our saintly Father Founder is being impressed in the hearts of each one of us. We feel to be the seed that he has sowed in the wake of the story, to bear witness to the love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.Read More...