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“Teaching Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts” in India

Happy to be with you Lord…. We are yours…..

13th May 2020

“Your maker is your husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name, the Holy one of Israel is your Redeemer, the God of the whole earth He is called.” [Is. 54: 5]

May 13th 2020 is a remarkable, grace filled and historical day for the Dorotheans, especially for the Province of India, because two more little butterflies are added to the family of St. John Antony Farina during the season of COVID–19 pandemic. On this joyful and happy occasion, we thank God Almighty for His marvelous love.

After having good conviction and understanding of the vocation and call as Teaching Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, on the feast of Our Lady of Fathima, Novice Sukanya Kakumanu did my visitation and First Profession and after having fell in love with Jesus, Sr. Lurdukumari Guvvala has made the Final Commitment to her Eternal Spouse by pronouncing the Holy Vows during the solemn Holy Mass, through the hands of the Provincial Rev. Sr. Biji Mulackal.



01st December 2019

First of December 2019 was a memorable day for us, the Sisters of St. Dorothy, Archana Convent, Keezhmadu. The day began with the solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rev. Fr. Paul Cherupilly, Director, Social Service Centre of Ernakulam – Angamaly Archdiocese. After Mass, at 9.00 A.M., the community members and the sisters of the neighboring communities, gathered together at the venue of the proposed house for the sick and aged. The foundation stone was blessed by Rev. Fr. Francis Vattukulam SDB, Rector, Don Bosco College, Keezhamdu and ceremoniously laid by Rev. Sr. Biji Mulackal, Provincial Superior of the Sisters of St. Dorothy in the presence of the Provincial Councillors, Novices, candidates and well-wishers. “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile”. Certainly this memorable event will definitely bring smiles to those who witnessed this function in later years.



01st December 2019

Eight years after the formation of the Province of the Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, in India, the Province Day was celebrated for the first time on 1st December 2019. The festivity began on 30th November with a meaningful Prayer service at 6.45 P.M., preceded by a floral procession from the holy Founder’s image at the main entrance, going up to the community chapel. An Indian oil lamp was lit by the Provincial Superior and other sisters representing Province, symbolizing the perennial presence of Christ who lighted the path for the developmental growth of the Province. The Prayer Service gratefully recalled the growth process of the province from its embryonic stage to its present status, appreciating the selfless sacrifices made by the pioneers whose dedicated service made the congregation to flourish in India. Unity of the members and their collaborative efforts were highlighted by various ritual representations. Renewing gratitude to God Almighty for all the past graces, and invoking abundant blessings for the future through the intercession of St. John Antony Farina, our father founder and St. Maria Bertilla, our co-sister, the stirring Prayer Service concluded on a joyful note.


The pioneer sisters of the Indian Province gathering

29th and 30th of November 2019

Still in Youthfulness?

The pioneer sisters of the Indian Province gathered in the Provincial house – Archana, Keezhmadu, Aluva on the days 29th and 30th of November 2019 for the unforgettable moments of group-living. We are in 20 from 19 families, 11 communities and 4 states. Actually we could be 27 but many stay abroad and so they couldn’t be present for the event. We miss them badly!!!

In the first morning of the first day itself, the Provincial Rev. Sr Biji Mulackal introduced the program in detail quoting His Holiness Pope Francis saying we are here “to look to the past with gratitude, to the present with enthusiasm and to the future with hope” and some small assignments such as liturgy, entertainments, chronicle etc…were given to the different batches or to the individuals for the two days.


Batch gathering on 3rd and 4th September 2019 - "GUIDING RAYS"

3-4th September 2019

The morning was fresh and enthusiastic in Archana, Provincial house on 3rd September. The colourful and prayerful gathering of 6 to 10 batches of sisters of Indian Province from various states of India started their meetings with the Holy Mass. We 20 sisters including the Provincial Superior were present for this seminar. 3 of us were absent for various reasons.

The rays of the rising sun from the east orbit broke into our hearts and invited each one of us for a discernment and decision. The very first day of the gathering has been begun with an inaugural address of our vice Provincial, Rev. Sr. Suni, at 8.30 and introduced the day. There was a brief sharing session for refreshment. We started the seminar on midlife spirituality by Rev. Sr. Christal SD at 9 am. She underlined the following points.


Perpetual Profession - 2019

11th May 2019

“Rejoice Rejoice always! Again I say Rejoice! For this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus”. Yes the fulfillments of these words have come true on 11.05.2019 at 2.30 pm in Indian Province. It was the day of rejoicing and Thanksgiving day for all of us in the Congregation because God has blessed the Congregation and the Holy Mother Church with three precious perpetually professed sisters to do His service. Indian Province was fully immersed in the celebration of the solemn Holy Mass which was solicited by Very Rev. Dr. Joseph Maleparampil, Superior General of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacraments (MCBS). The religious from different Congregations are participated the celebrations. Parents, relatives, dear and near ones arrived and took part the function. After the Holy Mass there was small refreshment followed by the celebration of the event with cake cutting warm wishing. On every face there was bubbles of joy and gladness radiating to everyone with smile and laughter.


“Your heart o Jesus is an unfailing mine of Gold and of precious stones. From it let the sisters dig out treasures and adorn their head.”

14th January 2019

January 14 th 2019 was the day of great joy and happiness for all the sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts. The wonderful day has dawned with its novelty and beauty with colorful memories of our Father founder St. John Antony Farina. The graceful day has begun with a prayer service followed by solemn Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. William SDB.


Silver Stars Shines…

5th January 2019

My Soul glorifies the Lord, My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour”

5th January 2019 was a great and memorable day for all of us. By the Grace of God we, 10 sisters, Sr. Biji Mulackal, Sr. Dolly Paradiyil, Sr. Elsy Kannempilly, Sr. Elizabeth Mangalath, Sr. Jancy Velikkunnel, Sr. Jaseentha Veleparambil, Sr. Mercy Kuriyickal, Sr. Mini Parappuram, Sr. Rejeena Kakkattu and Sr. Suni Kizhakkedath, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of our first commitment to the Lord. Together we thank and Praise the Lord for His unfailing love and faithfulness for each of us. Sr. Elsy Kannempilly who is in Italy could not be with us physically but she joined spiritually with us.


Canonical Visit of Rev. Mother General and General Councilors in India.

14th September 2018 – 13th October 2018.

Provincial House - Archana

On 14th September, 2018 Rev. Mother General Sr. Maria Teresa Pena and her Councilors Sr. Luisella Gosmin, Sr. Luciana Tognon, Sr. Roberta Dalla Stella and Sr. Julia Lopez arrived at Kochi International Airport to begin their canonical visit. At the Airport Indian Provincial Rev. Sr. Biji Mulackal and the representatives of the Province gave them a welcome and accompanied them to Archana. At the provincial House they were welcomed with a beautiful dance by the postulants. With the accompaniment of dance all proceeded to the chapel in procession. Sr. Provincial welcomed the Mother General and Councilors with warm words. It was followed by the community singing of Magnificat. After lunch the visitors proceeded for a much deserved siesta. The Eucharistic celebration in the evening was presided over by Rev. Fr. Francis, the Rector of Don Bosco College, Keezhmadu.


First and Final profession of our Novices and Juniores

“O give thanks to the Lord for His great love endures forever” (PS. 136,1)”

“You are in the world, but not of the world” (St: John Antony farina)”

After having good conviction and understanding of our vocation as a Teaching sisters of St: Dorothy, Daughters of the sacred hearts we four junior sisters from India Sr. Jancila Mary, Sr.vinoji, Sr. Jhansi Rani and Sr. Sowjanya have entered into one year juniorate course On May 1st in 2017 here in Provincial house Archana convent, Keezhmadu, Aluva. We are really blessed and gifted with many spiritual blessings during this year. We were given preparation and knowledge with good understanding regarding all the aspects of religious life, through various spiritual and psychological classes. This one year preparation helped us more to know the spiritual heritage of our congregation in depth and increased our belongingness and fraternal love towards our Dorothean family. Thanks to the Lord Almighty for calling us to His sacred hearts. This whole year in silence and spiritual recollection drew us to intimate union and fall in love with Jesus our spouse. As the days were running very swiftly, we were getting closer to the great joyful day of our perpetual profession. Yes, the days have come for annual spiritual retreat and we four of us along with two novices Christy and Sheela and other 58 of our sisters have took part in this retreat . Retreat began on 5th May 2018 and was conducted by Rev.Fr.Sebastian OFM CAP. We were spiritually nourished and strengthened by the word of God during the retreat. On 11th of may 2018 evening at 6.00 pm our loving sisters have conducted a beautiful and heart touching and soul lifting prayer service for us in which all the sisters have participated and blessed us by laying their hands on us while the choir singing the hymn to the Holy Spirit Rev. Provincial Superior Sr. Biji Mulackal have given us our father founder St: John Antony’s message.


Training days for the aspirants.

“In the Indian Province.”

For the Indian province it was a time of great joy for the 25 young and energetic aspirants get together in Vijayawada Andra Pradesh on the 26th, 27th and 28th January 2018.out Of 32 aspirants 7 of them werefrom Kerala could not attend the get together programme due to their exam schedule.


A moment of prayer with students of Keezhmad

“Students from Keezhmad parish had come for prayer, conducted by the sisters of Archana community.”

The purpose of the prayer meeting
* Encourage and help them to have good reception of the Sacraments.
* Nurturing the moral human values in them.
* Molding and paving way to be the dispensers of charity, mercy and compassion of the Sacred Hearts


Thanks Giving Day – 24th November 2017

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow”

24th November 2017, the very next day of the installation ceremony was kept as the thanks giving day. We all were very happy to express our gratitude towards Rev. Sr. Liya Karumancheril and her team. As they had guided our province for the past six years we expressed our heartfelt appreciation to them. Many of us were struggling to control our tears as we gratefully embraced them as part of the prayer service conducted by the sisters.


Installation ceremony – 23rd November 2017

“One does not presume to take this honor, but takes it only when called by God, just as Aaron was” (Heb.5:4).

23rd November 2017 was an auspicious day for the Indian Province. On that day Rev. Sr. Biji Mulackal took charge as the Provincial Superior, Sr.Suni Kizhakkedath as the Vice Provincial, Sr. Molly Karottumadavana, Sr. Shiby Chollambel and Sr. Sheeba Erikkaluvila as the councillors, Sr. Beena Kakkanattu as the Provincial Secretary and Sr. Teena Chulliattu as the Administrator. The installation ceremony was began with the prayer service in the morning. On that day Rev. Sr. Cloudinaliya Karumancheril the Provincial Superior, Sr. Ciby Cherusseril, Sr. Alice Azhakedath and the Administrator Sr. Jancy Pottassery were present in the occasion and they handed over their responsibilities to the newly elected members. The presence of several sisters from other communities augmented its beauty.


TEACHERS MEET - 2017 (Trivandrum from 28th to 30th September 2017)

2017- 18 Teachers meet “Vistas beyond rainbow” was held in Poovar community in Trivandrum from 28th to 30th September 2017. Almost 24 to 26 sisters from various communities of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Mysore gathered in Poovar community on 28th evening. And teachers of our Angles’ School also attended. On 29thmorning a very beautiful and inspiring prayer service awakened the day at 6.00 am and followed by the Holy Mass.

The inaugural ceremony was done at Angels’ school, by Rev. Fr. Deay belongs to the Congregation of Missionaries of St.Thomas.He was working with the upliftment of youthin mission areas, at present he is an active member of KCBC wasthe chief guest of the day. Sr. Alice Azhakrdath welcomed the gathering by pointing the importance of education and purpose of coming together. Fr. Deay continued his first session with the title of setting a creative space with different activities. It really benefited each of the teachers. Today the students want creative teachers and the one who can make their learning more joyful. He presented it with little theoretical and more practical. It is quite sure that it will substitute and assist all the teachers to create a celebrative class room.




Prayer Dance by Aspirants of the Sisters of St. Dorothy On the occasion of the celebration of Pope`s Day at Don Bosco.on 29/06/2016
Sisters of St. Dorothy Daughters of the Sacred Hearts on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Canonization of St. John Antony Farina -Father and Founder. Dedicate this chapel in honour of him on 23/11/2015.
Veneration of the Relic of St. John Antony Farina on 14/01/2015, Provincial House Alwaye.
Entrance procession of the Eucharistic Celebration on the occasion of the Feast of our Father and Founder St. John Antony Farina.


Here is the history of the Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, in India. It was a courageous and confident step taken by our Mother General Rev. Sr. Gianna Rosa Sterbini, to start a new mission in India on 15th January, 1983.

Life and Origin

John Antony Farina was born at Gambellara (Vicenza Province) on 11th January 1803 to Peter Farina and Francesca Bellame. He received his early training from his paternal uncle, a holy priest who was for him a true master of the spirit and a tutor as well.

Charism and Spirituality

The Charism of the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, the gift of the Holy Spirit to the prophetic intuition of St. John Antony Farina. “Incarnate the tender love of the Heart of Jesus and Mary in education, in corporal work of mercy especially on behalf of the most needy”.Read More...

To the Heart of Jesus...

We are convinced that at the time of our consecration to the love of the Sacred Hearts, the prophetic vision of our saintly Father Founder is being impressed in the hearts of each one of us. We feel to be the seed that he has sowed in the wake of the story, to bear witness to the love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.Read More...