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“Teaching Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts” in India

Training days for the aspirants.

“In the Indian Province.” - 26-28th January 2018.

For the Indian province it was a time of great joy for the 25 young and energetic aspirants get together in Vijayawada Andra Pradesh on the 26th, 27th and 28th January 2018. Out Of 32 aspirants 7 of them werefrom Kerala could not attend the get together programme due to their exam schedule.

With the 19 aspirants present from Vijayawada, accompanied by Sr Silvy Kallidanthyil and our six aspirants from Odisha accompanied by Sr Angela Pallikara, gathered together, shared their experience es and reinforced their vocation. In Vijayawada there are 6 candidates from Kerala, 6 of the Andhra and 7 of them from Odisha. Out of these 32 aspirants there are students who study plus2 both in first year and second year. There were also candidates who joined us in the year 2017-2018 from Kerala, Odisha and Andhra. They are our future hope and treasures of our congregation it is our responsibility to love take care of them and make them grow in all the means as our own young sisters.it is in them and through them the charism of our congregation should echo in this present challenging world of today.

Our Indian province has entrusted this the noble service to be vocation promoters to our loving sisters sr. silvy and sr. Sandhya. Selflessly and tirelessly they carry out this responsibility very faithfully and in a fruit full manner. It the great effort and organizing and preplanning we have got these candidates they are they are the fruits of their sincere effort. Let us gratefully express our gratitude towards these two sisters.

The days were full of activities: Benedictine priests had given an input cession regarding the call of God, Sister Anisha gave an interesting lesson on community life, the vocation promoters Sr. Silvy and Sr. Sandhya organized meeting, competitions, cultural and religious programs and various interventions by Sr Angela during the inaugural ceremony, Meeting with the incoming postulants, and with the aspirants of Odisha, evaluation and discussion and the conclusion ... etc. So there was no time to get bored or tired. The young people participated with enthusiasm and sincere research and they gratefully enjoyed everything that was prepared for them.

There were group discussions on the real situations of their life as aspirants - positive and negative - with the verification and taking of the commitment to a better path towards the discovery of one's own vocation.

There were also moments to exhibit their talents in the performances organized in 5 groups and on the last day promotional gifts were distributed to the winners.

As a last touch we had a walk to the 'potter's shop' to learn about the various processes of the clay in the artist's hand to become a beautiful vase. This also refers to the process of personal formation in order to respond to God's call.

All our efforts for this gathering had a positive impact. There was also the great support of the sisters of Vijayawada community especially Sr. Anisha who arranged everything and all of them extended their helping hand in time of necessary.

Thank you sisters, thank you so much. God Bless us.



Prayer Dance by Aspirants of the Sisters of St. Dorothy On the occasion of the celebration of Pope`s Day at Don Bosco.on 29/06/2016
Sisters of St. Dorothy Daughters of the Sacred Hearts on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the Canonization of St. John Antony Farina -Father and Founder. Dedicate this chapel in honour of him on 23/11/2015.
Veneration of the Relic of St. John Antony Farina on 14/01/2015, Provincial House Alwaye.
Entrance procession of the Eucharistic Celebration on the occasion of the Feast of our Father and Founder St. John Antony Farina.


Here is the history of the Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, in India. It was a courageous and confident step taken by our Mother General Rev. Sr. Gianna Rosa Sterbini, to start a new mission in India on 15th January, 1983.

Life and Origin

John Antony Farina was born at Gambellara (Vicenza Province) on 11th January 1803 to Peter Farina and Francesca Bellame. He received his early training from his paternal uncle, a holy priest who was for him a true master of the spirit and a tutor as well.

Charism and Spirituality

The Charism of the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts, the gift of the Holy Spirit to the prophetic intuition of St. John Antony Farina. “Incarnate the tender love of the Heart of Jesus and Mary in education, in corporal work of mercy especially on behalf of the most needy”.Read More...

To the Heart of Jesus...

We are convinced that at the time of our consecration to the love of the Sacred Hearts, the prophetic vision of our saintly Father Founder is being impressed in the hearts of each one of us. We feel to be the seed that he has sowed in the wake of the story, to bear witness to the love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.Read More...